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Sunday, 20 September 2015


For the past year I have been investigating an incredible story told me by an English woman from Sheffield whom I met in Guatemala, where she currently resides.  She describes herself as a "slave", and having been a "child soldier", and if even a small portion of her story can be substantiated, somebody at a high level in the British government could be held responsible for a multitude of human rights violations at home and terrorist attacks in other countries.  I have now collected enough evidence to justify a full-scale Parliamentary investigation.

 The case is shaping up something like this:

An extended family based in Sheffield, with some distant family connections to the upper levels of the nobility, but without formal titles or real estate, has, according to my informant, for several generations acted as an unofficial but de facto secret branch of the British government, providing plausable deniability  for operations illegal under both British and international law, including sabotage, assassinations, and blackmail.

Plausible deniability - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 I should note that she does not implicate the publicly-known SIS ( MI 6 ) and as far as I know, there is no connection between the two groups. At this time, there is no evidence SIS is even aware of the existence and activities of this family enterprise, although it is cartainly a possibility.

My informant, who claimed to be an ( illegally )  adopted member of the family, said she was forced to take part in numerous illegal activities, including murders, from childhood on and was threatened with death if she refused or went to the police. She said that as a teen-ager, she tried on two ocassions to make complaints to the authorities and was ignored due to high-level influence.

She provided exact details of several specific instances of large-scale industrial sabotage operations and terrorist incidents in other countries which she alleged were undertaken by her relatives at the behest of unnamed government officials and commercial interests and claimed she was forced to take part. She said she was beaten and tortured by her relatives numerous times if she objected to these operations and was threatened with death if she revealed their secrets. She also said that on at least one occassion the Official Secrets Act was invoked.

She also stated that one of her uncles was once diagnosed as a psychopath and remanded to a psychiatric institution, but then released despite a court order of commitment being still in effect. This implies influence over either the courts or the public health authorities or both.

Even though the two worst uncles are now dead, she lives in fear of her remaining family and now, at age 41, was compelled to beg permission from them to be allowed to leave England. She is convinced it would be impossible to escape from the country without their permission because they can access immigration and airline computers and could have her detained at the airport. Such a capability implies a high-level connection to the State security apparatus and is far beyond the ability of a mere criminal gang. 

This woman suffers from serious guilt feelings from the things she was forced to do, but in several hours of daily detailed interviews over a period of nearly two months, she sounded otherwise perfectly rational and not at all schizophrenic. I was initially quite skeptical of her story, but I have managed to dig up several bits of independent evidence that corrorborate it and now regard her story of being a modern Janissary to be mostly true, though she still tries to conceal important facts to protect her abusers.

This ambivalence is common in people raised in abusive homes or in cults that practice mind control techniques and I believe she would benefit from Exit Counseling of the sort that has been developed to help former cult members disengage themselves from such groups. If she herself were to be charged with any criminal offenses for crimes undertaken on orders from her relatives, I believe a court would accept a plea of diminished responsibility. 

Stockholm Syndrome: The Psychological Mystery of Loving ...

She has forgiven the younger family members she calls her "brothers" for even the most outrageous abuses, including violent assaults, torture, attempting to kill her, the deaths of two of her children in situations she was forced into, and an assault that caused her to have a miscarriage.

On one occasion one of her uncles decided she was expendable and attached a bomb to her in such a way that she could not remove it and sent her off with orders to detonate it in a crowed public place in Israel. She was able to alert the Israeli security authorities and they brought in a bomb disposal expert who was able to remove it without blowing her up. She still returned home and submitted to torture as punishment for not following orders. Her body has numerous scars indicating torture.

She is grateful to her family for having protected her in many situations, even though she would never have been in those situations if not for them, and is full of praise for how they take care of her but fails to see their "concern" for her is conditional upon her behavior conforming to their demands. This is typical of victims in abusive relationships and mind control cults and is sometimes refered to as "Stockholm Syndrome".

  She claims that she was frequently forced to sleep with strangers, starting from around the age of 7 or 8 as bait in a "honey trap", entraping wealthy or influencial individuals in politics or the entertainment industry into illegal sex which was secretly videotaped for future blackmail. As she grew up, she recognized some of these men from the news media, including some members of Parliament.

She says she became pregnant and gave birth to a child at the age of 14 and the infant was taken from her and thereafter it's whereabouts was not disclosed to her but her relatives used threats to kill her child as a means to control her. This is partly confirmed by stretch marks indicating at least one full-term pregnancy.

She says she was trained as an assassin by one of her uncles and she displays a high level of skill in offensive aspects of unarmed combat such as might be considered useful for an assassin or commando, but no knowledge at all of even the most basic defensive measures, which are usually taught first in civilian martial arts courses.

She is now 41 years of age and this is the first time she has been allowed out on her own, having been allowed to leave England only after convincing a family meeting she could be trusted to keep their secrets. She is still in fear of her relatives and is afraid to return to the U.K. for fear of being tortured or killed or never being allowed to leave it again.

  I am continuing to gather evidence on this government-sponsored criminal operation and have posted some of it on a website,

 The family has protection at a high enough level that the police and Crown Prosecution Service cannot take action. I therefore urge a public investigation by the House Of Commons or an independent judicial entity created especially for that purpose. Past and present high-level officials of the U.K. government also need to be called to account, and if the U.K. courts do not do so, an international tribunal has the responsibility to hold the U.K. accountable for repeated violations of international law and illegal acts of undeclared war against other nations.


Monday, 14 September 2015


There is a new leader of the Labor Party in the U.K. and if he becomes Prime Minister in the next election many people hope to see some major changes in British government policies. One job that needs to be done is a full investigation and public exposure of the Gourvenec family of Sheffield.

This organized crime family has been an unofficial but de facto branch of the U.K. government for several generations, conducting illegal and unethical covert operations including assassinations, large-scale industrial sabotage, sex-trafficking of minors for blackmail purposes, and other crimes with the full knowledge and assistance of the highest levels of the U.K. establishment, including the office of the Prime Minister.

The police and Prosecution Service have orders from the very top levels of the government not to investigate or prosecute these people because of their immense value to the U.K. as a team of mercenaries adept in covert actions. As a result, the Gourvenec family has been allowed to murder and abuse British citizens in the U.K. without restraint.

The people responsible for these acts, the Gourvenecs and their enablers, including high-level government officials, both current and past, need to be exposed, stripped of their immunity from prosecution, and brought to justice.

Eve Martin told me the British police and the Crown Prosecution Service had orders from the very top to not investigate or interfere with anything her relatives did, regardless of any complaints or evidence. They have total immunity from all interference by the U.K. legal system as part of their payment for the services they render to the Crown. They also have the power to alter official records such as birth and death certificates, access police and immigration databases, and give orders to detain someone at airports and prevent them from leaving the U.K. She told me they would have been able to find her if she had been in a police witness protection program or in a battered women's shelter and that she would have been killed if she had gone to the police with complaints about their treatment of her.

 I am not optimistic about the ability of voting to effect any really significant changes. This has now been going on for more than 100 years while political parties have come and gone. The Gourvenecs have been a family of mercenaries for the U.K. government for at least four generations and the current generation is apparently still in the family business, judging frrom the fact that even though her two worst uncles are now dead, Eve, at the age of 41, still had to ask permission from a family meeting to be allowed to leave the U.K. and she insisted that she would not have been permited to board a plane out of the country without that permission. Obviously, she has a perfect legal right as an adult to come and go as she pleases, but it would seem the legalities have very little influence on what happens when the magic words, "National Security" are invoked.


Sunday, 23 August 2015



Eve  Martin told me that at the time of the first Gulf war, when she would have been about 19 years old, she was taken to Kuwait on a mission. She said she had no choice; that she would have been killed if she refused to go. I was skeptical and attempted to raise several objections to that. I pointed out that she was over the age of 18, an adult, and nobody could legally force her to go anyplace. I said they could not take her out of the U.K. because all she had to do was to raise a fuss while passing through airport security at Heathrow, and say she was being kidnapped, and her uncles would have been detained by the police until she was out of their sight at least, and could get away. She insisted that would not have happened, that no matter what she said, the police would not do anything to help her escape. 

I suggested that since she would have had to have a passport to leave the country, she could have managed to give her uncle the slip in the crowded airport concourse and buy a ticket for immediate departure to some other country at the airport check-in desk of some other airline and never go back to the U.K. She insisted she would not have been allowed to board an airplane without clearance from her uncles.

She was taken along to be used as bait to lure Iraqi sentries away from their posts to a spot where her brothers could ambush them. And on one occasion their position was attacked and she was forced to fire upon a small detachment of oncoming Iraqi troops. She feels guilty about this because they were only conscripts following orders, but she says she had no choice because they were the "enemy".

When I pointed out that she was also a conscript and her real enemies were not the Iraqis, but the Gourvenecs who had forced her into this situation, she seemed unable to follow the logic of that. This reminded me of American draftees in Viet Nam who considered the Viet Cong their enemies, and failed to realize the Viet Cong were not their enemies and their real enemy was the American government that had forced them to go there. 

The Gourvenecs' mission was to set Kuwaiti oil fields on fire. The oil well fires resulting from the war were one of the worst environmental disasters in history, with repercussions throughout the Middle East, and as far as India. It will take centuries for the environment to recover, if it ever does.

A search for information on the oil field fires showed that more than 700 oil wells were set on fire, and mines were deployed around the wells to delay fire-fighters from fighting the fires until the mines could be removed. The wartime propaganda at the time was that the retreating Iraqi army had set the fires as a scorched earth policy to cover their retreat.

Eve  said the purpose of the mission to set Kuwaiti oil fields on fire was part of a wartime propaganda effort to "demonize" Sadam Hussein in the eyes of the world. This was done at the request of the British government. A  secondary purpose was to obtain the lucrative fire-fighting contract to put out the fires for the U.S. based oil field fire-fighting company headed by the late Red O'dair. Apparently both were paying the Gourvenecs for the job without either being aware the other was also paying for it and it would have been done anyway. 

There are several implication of this story. If Eve's two uncles set those fires, and also deployed the mines around the wells, at least one of them must have had some miltary training in demolitions handling. Eve told me neither of her uncles had ever served in the armed forces.  The only place they could have received that sort of training would be at a school run by the Ministry of Defense for SAS special forces personel, so some sort of special arrangement must have been made for a civilian to attend such a course. 

Another implication is that since they could not have carried that much demolition material in their baggage on board an aircraft, they must have been able to obtain it, along with transport, from British military forces in Kuwait. They would also have needed documents and passwords to pass through American or British checkpoints on their way to the front. 

All of this is first-hand eyewitness testimony from an eyewitness who has withstood hours of interrogation and cross-examination and it all adds up to a British covert operation by a private mercenary group of highly trained secret service agents, with full co-operation of the MOD. 

An operation that violated international law, did an enormous amount of environmental damage, and utilized involuntary slave labor in doing it.



The 1986 nuclear disaster in Ukraine was responsible for long-lasting and far-reaching effects on the health, environment, food supply, and economy of the entire Soviet Union, and far beyond it's borders. The full extent of the disaster will never be known for sure. But one result, one that was not unwelcome in the capitals of the West, was the demise of the Soviet government a few years later.

A short search will turn up many articles to the effect that the incident in Ukraine was one of the most important factors in that breakdown. Mikael Gorbachov, the leader of the Soviet Union at the time, himself believes it. And he should be in a position to know if anyone is.

But there is a group of people in the U.K. who also are in a position to know. And they agree with him. The Gourvenec family of Sheffield, England, are certain the Chernobyl meltdown was important in destroying the Soviet system and creating the current global order. And, according to one member of that family, whom I spent nearly two months interviewing for several hours each day, they too are in a position to know.

Eve Martin, the member of the extended Gourvenec clan who blew the whistle on her adopted family's activities,  told me she was herself a witness to her two uncles, acting as agents of the British government, sabotaging the reactor. She said she, a child at the time, was taken along as part of an elaborate cover story to explain what the adults in her family were doing in the area of the reactor. She described the interior of the control room and exactly what was done, and by whom to bring about the failure the news media persist in refering to as an "accident".

But the nuclear reactor failure, major as it was, was not the whole story. According to Eve, it was only a part of a long-lasting and nationwide campaign of sabotage by the Western powers directed at the destruction of the Soviet economy. And many, if not most, of those acts of sabotage and terrorism were done by the Gourvenecs.

The Gorvenec family are a criminal organization that has existed for at least several generations. They are mercenaries, specializing in sabotage, assassinations, blackmail, child sex trafficking and extortion and in the U.K. they are regarded as so valuable to the Crown that the police and the Crown Prosecution Service have orders from above not to interfere with them no matter what they do.

Eve said she was forced starting in childhood to help in some of their plots, and while she is angry at her elders for their frequent horifying abuse of her and feels guilty for some of the things she was forced to do, she also, in a clear example of Stockholm Syndrome Stockholm Syndrome: The Psychological Mystery of Loving an , is at times rather proud of their abilities and accomplishments. She is not only convinced their work resulted in the fall of the Soviet Union, but that it was a good thing and well worth the horrendous damage it did and the lives it cost. Although she has a lot of regrets about some of the things she was forced to do, this is not one of them.

All this is not just ancient history. The Gourvenecs are still active in carrying out both private sector crimes of their own for financial gain, and the policies of the U.K., or at least the policies of the upper levels of the U.K. Establishment. And in the increasingly tense situations of today's world, a band of highly-skilled criminal mercenaries with the capacity to carry out such covert operations is a serious danger to the peace and safety of the world.


Thursday, 20 August 2015


     The Anthony Kiedis Connection


                                 The Anthony Kiedis Connection

​While traveling in Central America I met an Englishwoman, Eve Martin, who, over the course of nearly two months of daily interviews, most lasting several hours, told me an incredible life story. She claimed she had been illegally adopted and raised as a slave by a family of British criminals who often act as informal mercenaries for the British government, performing asassinations, sabotage, extortion, and terrorism ​and receiving in return immunity from prosecution for any crimes in the U.K. She said she was often forced by her foster family to engage in criminal acts, some of which were in the service of the British government.

I spent two months talking with Eve for hours every day. Her stories sounded unbelievable, but she always told them the same way, never forgot anything she had previously said, and did not fall for any of the tricks I tried to get her to change any of it. I searched the internet for anything that could confirm or disprove any part of her stories and found several bits of information that back up what she told me and nothing to disprove anything in all the many different things she claimed.

I do not believe everything she told me, and I know she was withholding some things to protect people she does not want to harm, but if she was being cross-examined in a courtroom she would be considered a very good witness. Most convictions for murder rest on the eyewitness testimony of a single witness, so her testimony would be good enough to get a conviction in court in many cases.

I should mention that I am not in love with Eve and have never slept with her. And I never will. My relationship to her is strictly professional, as a private investigator and investigative journalist, and is going to stay that way.

Second, Anthony Kiedis is not the subject of my investigation. I am not a vice squad cop and I am not a Christian moralist. If Anthony Kiedis sleeps with 12 year olds, I will mind my own business. From what Eve tells me, she took the intiative and practically forced herself on him, and she was no virgin at the time. So that is not an issue. What IS an issue is his irresponsible refusal to help her escape from her abusive foster family in England.

Eve ​was taken by the Gourvenecs, whom she describes as "mercenaries", and raised to be a sort of modern-day Janissary, forced to help them in assassinations, sexual entrapment of potentially useful individuals for later blackmail, and other tasks for clients who included the British government, or members of the upper reaches of the British Establishment.

She says the family are all psychopaths, deliberately bring up their children to be psychopaths, and have been an organized crime gang for several generations, and she was in her own words, a "child soldier", a "slave", and she would have been tortured or killed if she balked at obeying orders or tried to escape.

 She says it would have been impossible to get out of the U.K. without the consent of her relatives. That implies they have access to immigration and airline databases and could have had her stopped at the airport. She is solidly convinced they have too much power for the police or Crown Prosecution Service to do anything about them. She says she witnessed her uncles kill people in the U.K. and the police did not investigate them despite complaints from eyewitnesses. One of her uncles was once diagnosed as a psychopath and remmanded to a mental institution, but immediately released despite a court order of commitment being still in effect.

She is convinced they could have found her if she was in a police witness protection program or a battered women's shelter. Normally, that would be beyond the reach of any ordinary criminal gang, but not beyond the ability of a part of the national security apparatus who could claim they must get hold of her for reasons of national security. In that case, the police or even a battered women's shelter would have no alternative but to comply with their requests.

I suggested going to court and asking for a restraining order, but she said they would ignore it and nothing would be done to them.

At first I suspected she was just too frightened of an abusive family to see how she could go to the authorities and get them in trouble, but as she piled one case on top of another, a picture emerged of a de facto rogue secret service agency, with such value to the higher levels of the system that they are too valuable to  interfere with, and also a gang of organized criminals with blackmail materials in their posession that they use to ensure their control of their employers.

And Eve was part of that material. She was forced from the age of nine to have sex with a lot of strangers, and later, as she grew up, she recognized some of them from the news media as members of parliament and other persons of influence. Her uncles secretly videotaped her in bed with these people for later blackmail.

She is now too old to be used as bait in a "honey trap" and the worst two uncles are dead, so she was granted permission by a family meeting to leave the country, but is still afraid to go back in case they change their minds and do not allow her to leave again. And she is also afraid of being tortured again if she goes back there. She wants to get her American citizenship back that she should have automatically from being born in California, so she can remain in America, but since she does not know her birth name or date of birth, the only way to do that is by a DNA test with someone from her birth family.

That would have to be either Anthony Kiedis or his father. Since John Kiedis would be open to a charge of kidnapping and child trafficking if her story was  proven, I would not expect him to agree to it unless on his deathbed. So my plan is to blow the whole story wide open with  as much publicity as it takes to force Anthony to do it for her.

Eve is the most abused person I have ever met. And it still goes on today. Eve is now 42 years old and she still had to ask permission from her relatives to be allowed to leave the U.K. And she is afraid to go back there because she fears she might never be allowed out of the country again. She claims her relatives have the influence to have her detained at the airport and she would not be permited to board a plane without their consent.

And she is also afraid of being tortured again. And she has scars on her body to prove she has been tortured many times.

So, regardless of her relationship to A​nthony Kiedis​, if she is his daughter, as she herself believes, his sister, as I suspect, or even a total stranger,  I simply do not see how he can look at himself in a mirror without flinching or how he could dare to call himself a man if he does not help her escape from this literal slavery. A MAN protects women in need of protection, no matter the cost. It is part of the job description. If he does not, he is not a man, no matter how many women he sleeps with. He is just an irresponsible boy who has not grown up. 

Eve Martin told me she was born in America, in Los Angeles. Her real date of birth is unknown, but her British passport, which I saw, says she was born in January, 1973. She said her mother was a drug addict and Eve was born addicted and went through a neonatal detox program. She has some health problems that are consistent with a diagnosis of fetal drug addiction syndrome.

​W​hen she told me the story of her being conceived when her father was only 12 years old, and that he was now "a famous rock star", she did not tell me his name, only that I would recognize it if I heard it. In that, she was wrong. When I found out what rock star she meant, I had never heard of him. But I looked him up on-line.

I found biographical information that ​Anthony Kiedis ​did have, or at least claims to have had​,​ a one-night stand with his father's girlfriend at the age of 12. So that part of Eve's story could be true, though I think it is more probable that it was his father who is really Eve's father since, according to a doctor I asked about it,  while a boy of 12 might have sex, he would usually not be producing viable sperm yet for a few more years.

When I checked with a DNA testing clinic, I was told the usual preliminary test for paternity would not be precise enough to distinguish between a parent and a half-sibling, only to tell that the mother and father of a child were closely related. To be sure of exactly what the relationship was would need further testing. So I think the clinic director who told them Anthony Kiedis​ was her father jumped to a conclusion and Eve is probably wrong to think Anthony Kiedis​ is her biological father and it is more likely he is her half-brother. That is not important. In either case, she would be born in America and entitled to U.S. citizenship.

The other parts of her story check out. She said she was born addicted from her mother's drug use and went through a neo-natal detox program. She has several medical issues consistent with this claim, including a tendency to opiate addiction. Anthony Kiedis​, his father, and his father's girlfriend all were heavily into heroin according to A​nthony Kiedis​'s autobiography. And Eve told me her foster family, the Gourvenecs, were dealing heroin and spent a lot of time in California.

She said her stepmother, Patricia Martin, of Sheffield, England, who was a member of the extended Gourvenec clan, had had a baby about five months before Eve was born and it died. Apparently, Eve was taken to be a replacement.

At the time, the Gourvenec family was involved in dealing hard drugs in Los Angeles. One of their customers was a small-time actor named John Kiedis ( stage name, Blackie Dammit ). Apparently, when he could not afford to pay them for the drugs he needed, they agreed to accept his girlfriend's child in payment as a replacement for the Gourvenec child who had died. While his girlfriend was in a detox clinic John Kiedis sold their daughter to the Gourvenecs for drugs and told his girlfriend the child had died. She never thought of doubting his story.

The Gourvenecs used the British birth certificate of the Gourvenec child who had died to apply for a British passpĆ³rt in that name and used that to take Eve to England. She was brought up in that name and has no idea what her real name or date of birth were. Today, that would be impossible, but in those days the procedures for taking a child on an international trip were much less strict.

Eve's very abusive and controlling stepmother, Patricia Martin, had two sons about 10 or 12 years older than Eve from a previous relationship. John Kiedis had a son, Anthony Kiedis, who was around their age. According to his autobiography, Anthony Kiedis, whom I had never previously heard of but whom I gather is now rather well-known as a singer or musician of some kind, was addicted to hard drugs as a young man. With the Gourvenecs as both his and his father's suppliers, young Anthony Kiedis and the younger Gourvenecs used to hang out and get high together. Eve, known to Anthony Kiedis only ​as the kid sister of the younger  Gourvenecs, was often in their company, though Anthony Kiedis was not aware he himself was related to her.

​Eve​ described in detail the way she came to have sex with Anthony Kiedis​; She and ​
her two older step-brothers and Anthony Kiedis​ were hanging out together, getting high, and they were in a sauna, or maybe it was a hot tub, all of them naked, and she says she was so attracted to Anthony Kiedis ​that she jumped on him, and practically forced herself on him. I have been able to verify on-line that she does have two brothers about the same age as Anthony Kiedis​. And since the Gourvenecs were into drug dealing and were active in California at the time, it is not all far-fetched that two of the younger Gourvenecs would hang out with the son of a long-standing customer of the same age and their younger sister would tag along. And hot tubs and communal nudity are both very common in California.

Eve became pregnant by Anthony Kiedis and had a baby at age 14. ( This claim is partially confirmed by the fact that she has stretch marks on her body indicating at least one full-term pregnancy. ) ​She says she took the initiative and practically forced herself upon Anthony Kiedis. I have some doubts about the likelyhood of ​ that, but in any case, the legal situation of a grown man in his 20s impregnating a girl of 13 is clear: It would be considered statutory rape of a minor child even if she consented and took the initiative​. 

She was already sexually active at that age, thanks to the older Gourvenecs forcing her into sex from the age of 9 to entrap potential extortion victims, so there was some doubt as to who the father of her child was. Eve also says she helped Anthony Kiedis's career get underway in its early stages, which would have been around that time, by sleeping with producers to get him jobs. Anthony Kiedis may not be aware himself that she helped his career get going in this way. Eve did not say if that was voluntary, as a favor from her to Anthony Kiedis, or if her relatives forced her into it to further the career of a client who might someday be useful to them. It is possible that Anthony Kiedis is still being blackmailed by the Gourvenecs, though Eve did not mention that possibility.

Eventually, because Eve had been forced into sex with other men besides Anthony Kiedis and the paternity of her child was uncertain, a DNA test was done to find out if Anthony Kiedis was the father of Eve's infant. Eve described in great detail the director of the testing clinic taking both her and Anthony Kiedis into his office, shutting the door, and telling them the normal procedure in such cases would be to notify the police, but that in this case, he did not see any point in that. He told them the DNA test confirmed that Anthony Kiedis was the father of her child, but that Anthony Kiedis was also her own father.

When I consulted a DNA testing clinic about this I was informed that the director of the clinic must have jumped to a conclusion based upon insufficient data. The usual test for determining the father of a child is not precise enough to distinguish between a parent of the infant's mother and a half-sibling. For that, further testing would be needed. But no additional test was done. Instead, Anthony Kiedis recalled having had a one-night stand with his father's girlfriend at the age of 12 and, no doubt influenced by an excess of normal male ego, Anthony Kiedis  jumped to the conclusion that he himself was Eve's biological father. Given his age at the probable time of her conception, that is highly doubtful since according to medical sources I asked, a twelve-year-old boy may be capable of sexual intercourse, but would not usually produce active sperm until a few years later. It is far more likely Anthony Kiedis is her half-brother. In any case, the incest was unwitting and unintentional, though Anthony Kiedis having had sex with an underage child was not.

​Eve said both she and Anthony Kiedis were emotionally devastated at learning they had inadvertantly committed incest​ and it was some years before they could stand to be in each other's company, though they eventually reconciled. Eve still believes he is her biological father, despite the proximity of their ages rendering that improbable and the prospect that Anthony Kiedis is her half-sibling more likely.

​In either case, ​California law includes a statute of limitations for both incest and statutory rape, so there is nothing Anthony Kiedis  needs fear from disclosure at this late date from a legal standpoint, though there might be some repercussions to his image and career from having slept with a 13 year old who is either his sister or his daughter, even if he was unaware of their relationship at the time.

But there is no statute of limitations on charges of kidnapping and child trafficking and John Kiedis, the father of Anthony Kiedis, could still be charged with those offenses for having sold a small child to a gang of drug dealers in trade for drugs.

Eve does not have a birth certificate. If she was born at home, as was popular in some progressive circles at the time, she would not have one issued unless someone went into the City Hall and registered the birth. And even if a certificate was issued, she could not find it without knowing what name was on it, and she does not know what name she was given at birth. She also does not know the date she was born, so there is no way to find her birth record if a record even exists. Many adoptees have this problem. Without knowing either the name or the date, there is no way to locate any records.

The only way to prove she was born in America, or that at least one of her parents was an American citizen, is by a DNA test and all I want from Anthony Keidis​ is that he do that and if it shows they are not related, that will be the end of the matter. As I said, he is not the main focus of my concern in this case. I want to nail the surviving members of the Gourvenec family and the British government who have sponsored the​ir crimes​ all these years.

Eve wants to regain her original identity and establish her birthright to American citizenship so she can live in America, where she would be less threatened by her extremely abusive and controlling foster relatives in England, but Anthony Kiedis refuses to help her, probably for fear of criminal charges being brought against his father. Possibly Anthony Kiedis also is concerned for his reputation and career. Needless to say, no help can be expected from his father either.

​A ​DNA sample from either of them would be all the evidence needed to establish her American citizenship​, but  due to misplaced loyalty to Anthony Kiedis, with whom she still is obviously in love despite his unwillingness to help her, Eve is unwilling to force the issue into the open by bringing the matter into court. 

​Of course if her birth mother is still alive a DNA sample from her would also be proof of Eve having been born an American citizen, but Eve believes her mother was killed by one of her foster uncles. Eve told me of a memory she has from the age of four of seeing her mother drowned in a bathtub by her foster uncle. I suspect that while the incident may have occured as she vividly recalls it, the woman she saw murdered by her uncle was not her mother. A child of four may well be confused as to who her mother is if she has been in the care of some other woman for some time. It is possible that Eve's real mother is still alive and thinks her daughter died as an infant. The panicky reaction of Eve to my suggesting this possibility makes me suspect Eve herself is aware at some level of this possibility and fears that her mother will be killed by the Gourvenecs if she ever finds out Eve is still alive. 

​If anyone seeing this has any information on the matter, especially about the current whereabouts of Eve's birth mother if she is still alive, please contact:



Sunday, 19 July 2015


In the international best-seller, the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and it's two sequels, The Girl Who Played With Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest, the late Swedish author, Steig Larson, wrote about a girl raised in an abusive family whose father, Zalachenko, a professional hit-man, was involved in sexual trafficking of young girls and other crimes, but could not be charged because the Swedish Security Service were protecting him because of his value to them as an intelligence asset. His son is also a psychopath and accomplice of his father in criminal activities. The girl of the title, Lisbeth Salander, was a skilled fighter, trained in hand-to-hand combat, highly intelligent and thinks unusually quickly in an emergency, a highly moral person, though willing to kill if need be or when provoked, but frightened of her father and resigned to his being immune to legal prosecution.

When I first read the book, I immediately thought, " I know this girl!" I went on to read the other two volumes in the series, and the conviction grew that I had indeed met the woman Larson called, "Lisbeth Salander".

This book was a work of fiction, of course. That is, the plot and most of the incidents in the story are fictional, at least as far as I know. But the personalities of several of the main characters are based on the real-life Eve Martin, of Sheffield, U.K. whom I spent two months interviewing last year in Guatemala.

 Eve was raised in a very abusive family in England, a family that was involved in sexual trafficking of minors, as well as other crimes. And they could not be charged or prosecuted because they had protection from the British security services due to their value as operatives and assassins in intelligence work. Eve is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, is highly intelligent, a very moral and compassionate person, though willing to kill if need be or if provoked, thinks unusually quickly in an emergency, and is scared to death of her family and resigned to their being immune to legal action for their crimes and their abuse of her.

Steig Larson was not only a writer of fiction. He was also a long-time activist fighting against far-right groups and abuse of women. In that capacity, it is very possible that he had some connections with activists in Britain and might have heard something about the Gourvenec family and their services to the British Crown, especially since from things Eve said, it would seem they are quite far to the right of the political spectrum and therefore very likely to be known to the sort of contacts Larson would be likely to have in the U.K. 

He must have modeled Salander on Eve and the character of Salander's father, Zalachenko, on Eve's uncle, whom Eve describes as a "psychopath". Eve says her entire family are psychopaths, and that they intentionally bring up their children to become psychopaths. Eve herself is a very responsible and compassionate person, but nevertheless, has been forced to do things she would rather not have done. The close resemblance between the fictional characters in these books by Larson and the real-life individuals in England indicates that Larson knew something of the Gourvenecs and their association with the British government. He might even have met Eve personally. His portrayal of Salander certainly shows that he was aware of her. 

There are some minor differences that only add to the impression that Larson was aware of the real-life family in England and modeled his fictional characters on them, but attempted to disguise certain traits to conceal their identities. The story is set in his native Sweden, not in England, the Zalachenko family is of Russian origin, while the Gourvenec family name derives from France, and the fictional Salander is unusually short, while Eve Martin is unusually tall. Salander has numerous tattoos. Eve has numerous scars from being tortured by her relatives.

In the novels, a woman from another abusive family fled to Australia early in her life and became quite successful there. Eve has a female cousin who went to Australia early in her life and became quite successful there.

 The Zalachenkos have a connection with a motorcycle club, which are generally regarded in Sweden as a criminal element, who act as expendable muscle for them. The Gourvenecs have connections in the Roma community, who are generally regarded in England as a criminal element, who act as expendable muscle for them.

Such minor diferences are exactly what an author would be expected to do if he wanted to change a few minor details to hide the identities of the people he was writing about. All in all, the similarities far outweigh the relatively minor differences.

In one conversation with me, Eve suggested writing the story of her family as fiction in the form of a novel. I discouraged that idea. I wanted to present it as a true story so the guilty parties could eventually be brought to justice and I feared that if the public first was introduced to the facts in the form of fiction it would be harder to later convince anybody that the story was true. But events have made that caution obsolete and for better or for worse, the story, or at least a great deal of it, is now in the public awareness as a series of best-selling novels.

And, as with the series of novels, the final chapters still remain unwritten. 


Sunday, 28 June 2015


Eve Martin, whom I interviewed for several hours daily over a period of nearly two months, told me her family, most of them living in Sheffield, England, are an organized crime gang who often act as mercenaries for clients, including, at times, the British government or members of the Establis​h​ment. She said she was "informally" adopted ( = kidnapped ) ​as an infant into this violently abusive family and raised to take part in their criminal operations, frequently including murders. She asserted that if she had complained to the police she would have been killed and was frequently tortured as punishment if she balked at obeying orders. 

She asserted that on one occasion her uncles decided she was expendable and attached a bomb to her in such a way that she could not remove it, then sent her off with orders to blow herself up in a crowded public place in Tel Aviv. She was able to attract the attention of the Israeli police, who got a bomb disposal expert who was able to remove it without setting it off. When she returned to England, she was tortured as punishment for not obeying orders to kill herself. 

I should mention that she has scars to back up her claims of frequent torture and violent abuse, and one of those scars backs up her  story of how the bomb was attached to her body. It is hard to see how that particular scar could have resulted from any other type of injury. 

Although she did not say so, I suspect from various other things she has told me that she probably did not tell the Israeli police who had done this to her. She is well-conditioned to cover up for her family and probably lied to the police and told them some story about having been in Israel as a tourist and was​ kidnapped by strangers. 

She has no idea who hired her relatives to fake a terrorist bombing in Israel, but obviously, if it had succeeded, the Palestinians would have been blamed and the Israeli public would have demanded retaliation. So the question is, who would stand to benefit from increased tensions and stirring up of conflict in the Middle East? 

Since her family is not Jewish or Muslim by either religion or heritage, they are not likely to have any personal interest in the region and she tells me they are not into politics and do the things they do only for money. So somebody must have paid them to fake a terrorist attack on a crowd of civilians in Israel. 

Several possibilities come to mind. One is that the clients could have been some British arms merchants who would gain by selling weapons to one or both sides. Another possibility is that some fanatical far-right faction in Israel would gain in political influence if tensions increased. 

But a third possibility is that, in view of the fact that her family has frequently acted on behalf of the British government, that it could have been the Crown that was the  client in this case. I do not know why the U.K. government would want to create more tensions in the Middle East and bring down more Israeli retaliation upon the Palestinians, but if there is any reason they wished to do so, they could hardly have chosen a better method to do it.

​Another question also comes to mind: If there was one faked terrorist attack attempted, how many others might there have been? ​How many of the alleged suicide bombings over the years have really been suicidal fanatics, as the public narative tells us, and not the result of coercion? And if there have been many such attacks that really resulted from coercion, who was it that was forcing reluctant victims into conducting such attacks? And why?



Friday, 12 June 2015


​                                      ​
Official U.K. Death Records Show Signs Of Tampering To Erase Records Of Gourvenecs

Eve Martin, the English woman who told me her family in Sheffield are mercenaries who do assassinations on contract for the U.K. government, claimed her uncles could gain access to official records such as birth and death records, and alter them. That capability would indicate some high-level contacts and influence with the Home Office such as only a National Security agency would be likely to have.

I was quite intially skeptical of that claim, but there is some evidence to support it from the official death records of the Home Office.

Eve told me her grandmother's name was Olivia. 
She also told me she was named Eve after an uncle. The name, Yves is a common male given name in French, and would probably be rendered into English for a female child as Eve. 
A quick Google search brings up a large number of members of the Gourvenec family in the Sheffield area.
and according to Eve, the family has lived there for over a century. But in the listings of deaths over the past century, there are only two deaths recorded of people named Gourvenec in the entire country.

Why are there so few death records of them? How could
​so large ​
a family live in Sheffield for over a century and there are death records of only two of them in all that time?

Has somebody tried to erase all official records of them and simply missed a few?
​It certainly looks that way. ​
These two shown below are the only death records of people named Gourvenec in the U.K. in the period between 1916 and 2007. And both of them were not living in Sheffield at the time of death. It looks as if these two members of the family had moved to other cities before dying, probably when they retired, and someone has tampered with the official records of the family at the records office in Sheffield and forgot to do the same in other parts of the country.
England & Wales, Death Index, 1916-2007DEATH, BURIAL, CEMETERY & OBITUARIES
NAME: Olivia Ines Gourvenec
BIRTH: date
DEATH: dd mm 1996 - city, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, England

England & Wales, Death Index, 1916-2007DEATH, BURIAL, CEMETERY & OBITUARIES
NAME: Yves Gourvenec
BIRTH: date
DEATH: dd mm 1986 - city, Hertfordshire, England


Thursday, 4 December 2014

Recent News Stories Shed Light On The Gourvenecs Work

Recent news items tell stories remarkably similar to the personal

 narative told me by Eve Martin, long before these stories hit the

 news media. Ms. Martin claims that as a member of a family 

frequently employed by the Crown to conduct illegal operations, 

she was privy to details of many such activities and was 

frequently forced by her elders  to participate. Now portions of 

her story are starting to come out in the news from other sources,

confirming much of what she told me. . 

How secret renditions shed light on MI6's licence to kill and ...


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Sexual Entrapment and Extortion ----- In The Name Of The Queen

In the unlamented days of the Bush regime in the United States, it was reported in the news that the U.S. was intercepting the phone calls of United Nations officials. As the events of the tumultous decade went on, and British Prime Minister Tony Blair seemed willing to sacrifice his standing with his own voters to curry favor with the American regime, there were jokes to the effect that the American CIA was tapping his phones and had tapes of his conversations with his mistress and were threatening to send them to his wife if he refused to play along with the American agenda in the Middle East. 

Well, in light of recent revelations by Edward Snowden, those jokes now seem a lot less far-fetched. 

And now evidence has surfaced that makes it seem very plausable indeed. A witness--a very credible witness who is in a position to know-- has stated that her family, which functions as an "unofficial", but de facto agency of the British Crown, has long been using blackmail about sexual indiscretions to influence both officials of other countries and those closer to home. 

There has been a lot in the news lately about sexual exploitation of children by persons in high places in the U.K. Some of the revelations that have come out indicate there were members of the security services who were aware of this activity, but covered it up and allowed it to go on. This raises the question, why would they do that? 

Several months ago I spent two months of daily interviews with a woman who might be able to provide some answers. Her name is Eve Martin and she is from Sheffield. And, according to her, her entire extended family, the Gourvenec family, are and have been for at least three generations, mercenaries employed by the U.K. government to conduct illegal operations that could not be traced back to the government of the U.K. in the event something went wrong. 

Ms. Martin says that she herself was forced to take part in many of these operations under threat of death if she refused. She told me she could not have escaped from her relatives because they had the co-operation of the port authorities and the police, and she is absolutely insistent that no matter what crimes they committed, or what evidence there was against them, there was no chance they were ever going to be prosecuted. 

She claims that starting from the age of 7 or 8, she was forced to have sex with numerous strangers, and that years later, after she grew up, she recognized some of them as highly placed political figures, including several Members of Parliament, leaders of other countries, and other well-known public figures. 

The Gourvenecs were entrapping these influencial persons into illegal sexual activities with an underage child and secretly videotaping them in the act for future blackmail. 

So far, the name, Gourvenec has not surfaced in the news reports about the ongoing scandal involving child sexual exploitation by highly placed individuals and a cover-up by the security services, but the similarity between what has been made public so far and the testimony of Eve Martin is too great to be ignored. There is a very strong probability that the missing link in the investigation that explains why the security serrvices would be part of a cover-up is the Gourvenec clan. 


Monday, 24 November 2014

Sex And The Gourvenecs

There has been a lot in the news lately about an organized ring of providers of under-age children for sexual purposes by wealthy and politically powerful people a few decades ago. And there have been revelations in the press to the effect that in at least a few cases, the British security services were involved, at least to the extent of covering up crimes they knew about and protecting the guilty. 

This is a very close fit to the profile of the modus operendi ​of the ​Gourvenec family, as told to me by Eve Martin, who is a relative of theirs and who says she was forced from an early age to have sex with a large number of strangers, some of whom she has since recognized from the news media as being among the rich and powerful. She also says that in addition to exploiting her for sexual entrapment for extortion purposes, her relatives were a team of mercenaries who often did jobs for the State security apparatus and were apparently immune to prosecution for all crimes they committed in the U.K. 

Eve Martin is intelligent, educated, articulate, and well-organized. She would make an excellent witness in a courtroom. In the course of nearly two months of daily interviews, most lasting for several hours at a time, she presented her incredible life story in a very believable and forthright manner, stood up to cross-examination very well, and all in all, would have been at least as convincing to a jury as most of the prosecution witnesses upon whose testimony convictions for serious offenses usually rest. 

Eve said the child-prostitution ring she was controlled by was international in scope, with activities in California, U.S.A. as well as in Britain, on the Continent, and in the Middle East. She named several well-known Hollywood celebrities and American politicians she was forced to sleep with. She also thinks there might be a connection to the group that has been revealed in Belgium. These allegations need to be investigated. 

At this time, there is still no evidence of a connection between the scandals currently in the news and the Gourvenec family of Sheffield. But the strong resemblance between what Eve told me several months ago, before these stories hit the news, and the stories now being told in the media suggests the ring supplying child prostitues to well-known people and the Gourvenec family may well be one and the same. And in that case, there are still some very important revelations yet to come. 

If anyone reading this blog has any information on the subject, please contact, anonymously, if you wish, and tell what you know.